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Based in Charente-Maritime, France

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Founded by Thomas Herelle, Cordylus Games is a small self-funded game development studio based in France. Thomas often finds himself searching for pationnate people in his friend groups, in order to offer them the opportunity to express themselves via the medium of video-games.



Cordylus Games started with a desire to explore the VR gaming space. However, the three team members' creative ambitions were possibly a little out of the scope of this small start up, so after a few prototypes and unreleased game demos, the decision was made to refocus their attention onto other more traditional forms of gaming.

Welcome to Gloam

After spending too many hours playing Among Us online while under strict mid-pandemic lock-down conditions in 2020, Eddy, Tanguy, and Thomas decided they wanted to create a similar gaming experience but one that required much less lying to your friends!

They proceeded to create Gloam, a Puzzle Royale game for up to 10 players, where the goal is to run around a freezing old mansion battling other players in fast-paced mini-games in order to steal their flames and therfore stay alight the longest! Quick thinking and fast reflexes are needed in this party game fit for all ages!

Part way through the project, the team underwent great turmoil, however Thomas and Eddy battled through and with the additional help of Djoe who joined them in 2022, Cordylus is finally ready to present Gloam to a wider audience!



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best upcoming indie game! (Jeu espoir du festival)" Animasia Indie Game Factory, 9 October, 2022
  • "Best indie studio! (Meilleur studio du festival)" Animasia Indie Game Factory, 9 October, 2022

Selected Articles

  • Love the game, it's a really cool original idea and the minigames are super fun!
    Xajo1504, IGDB User Review
  • A superb game with very beautiful design. Have fun with your friends or people from the internet. Each game is short so it's playable almost at anytime if you have 5 mins to spend or more!
    Gonearpege, IGDB User Review
  • Great game!! Fast paced, mini game, battle royal. Really cool to play and beautiful graphics. I'd recommand trying it!
    Legendaarry, IGDB User Review
Gloam on Steam
Check out the game on Steam! store.steampowered.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Thomas Herelle
Indie Dev, Project Lead
Eddy Nottingham
Artist, Freelancer
Jonathan Pourrez
Indie Dev, Freelancer
Tanguy Madec
Indie Dev, Freelancer
Audio Composer, Freelancer