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Mar, 2021 (Early Access)
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USD $4.99 / Free on Android
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Gloam is a fun 2-10 player cross-platform party game suitable for all ages, that is free of violence or gore, and where we use our brains and agility to out-wit our opponents in mini-games. Matches are best enjoyed among friends, who can join-in for free via the Android version of the game.



Created by a small group of passionate indie-game lovers, we present to the world a new genre, a Puzzle Royale game! Our goal was to create a non-violent alternative to fun party games like Among Us or Pummel Party, that is easy to pick up and play with a group of friends.

Back in the summer of 2020, Thomas, Tanguy, and Eddy were busy working on a very different game, a VR based party-game. However, releasing a gaming experience that required players to be in the same room and pass around a VR headset in the height of a global pandemic seemed like a bad idea to them, as even marketing it at this time would have been quite dicey! Ultimately, towards the end of 2020, the decision was made to switch over to working on a new project...

Starting Gloam!

Inspired by the amount of fun people were having playing Among Us together in Discord, they aspired to create a game that could appeal to the same demographic yet offer an alternate experience. The team agreed that Among Us truly was and is a great game, especially when you are in the mood to lie to, deceive, and manipulate your friends, but unfortunately this requires a lot of brain power, which they all admitted was a resource that is often severely lacking after a long day of work! This is why they designed Gloam to be a game where you can focus on the core gameplay, the mini-games that challenge your reflexes and quick-wits, and set aside the social engineering aspects required to enjoy a typical game of Among Us.

After a few months of frenetic work by Tanguy, Eddy, and Thomas, the team had a neat little demo build to start presenting to the world, and so that's what they did! A small community started to grow around this new game called Gloam, with streams being held to play test and showcase the incremental game updates. Everything was going to plan, and the team was getting ready for a v1.0 release when tragedy struck... On a terrible March morning, the team's lead developer passed away.

Tragedy struck...

Thomas and Eddy lost a dear friend, and the team as a whole had lost a lot of the knowledge required to continue work on Gloam.

After a time of mourning, the decision was made to complete Gloam to the best of their abilities, no matter what that entailed. They switched from Unreal Engine over to Unity where Thomas felt more comfortable coding in C#, then they rebuilt scripts, remade game assets, and the whole of the network architecture was redesigned thanks to a new team member called Djoe.

Present Day

It has now been almost a year of toil and trouble, but finally the small team at Cordylus Games is finally ready to present Gloam to the wider world and start re-building the fun community of players that helped start this indie dev journey!


  • Play privately with friends or in public matches for 2-10 players in this online Puzzle Royale where your goal is to be the last player alight! Run around a haunted mansion, battling opponents to steal their life-force without perishing to the cold... Brrr!
  • You'll need good reflexes and quick-wits to win the fast-paced mini-games! Some which will require raw brainpower, some which are in need of speed, and others are asking for a little pinch of luck!
  • Collect flames around the map to gain life and power your dash. Without it, you'll find it hard to escape from an unwanted battle, or you'll have a hard time catching up with your prey!
  • If you perish, come back as a ghost and have fun annoying the survivors by freezing the rooms they are in! You will no longer be able to win the game, but maybe you could influence who does... sneaky!
  • Cross-platform play between PC and Android.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best upcoming indie game! (Jeu espoir du festival)" Animasia Indie Game Factory, 9 October, 2022
  • "Best indie studio! (Meilleur studio du festival)" Animasia Indie Game Factory, 9 October, 2022

Selected Articles

  • Love the game, it's a really cool original idea and the minigames are super fun!
    Xajo1504, IGDB User Review
  • A superb game with very beautiful design. Have fun with your friends or people from the internet. Each game is short so it's playable almost at anytime if you have 5 mins to spend or more!
    Gonearpege, IGDB User Review
  • Great game!! Fast paced, mini game, battle royal. Really cool to play and beautiful graphics. I'd recommand trying it!
    Legendaarry, IGDB User Review

About Cordylus Games

Founded by Thomas Herelle, Cordylus Games is a small self-funded game development studio based in France. Thomas often finds himself searching for pationnate people in his friend groups, in order to offer them the opportunity to express themselves via the medium of video-games.
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Gloam Credits

Thomas Herelle
Indie Dev, Project Lead
Eddy Nottingham
Artist, Freelancer
Jonathan Pourrez
Indie Dev, Freelancer
Tanguy Madec
Indie Dev, Freelancer
Audio Composer, Freelancer